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CLE Approved State Legal Research Google CLE Ethics CI CLE Audio
CA mcle 1.50 1.25
FL cle 2.0 1.5
NC cle 1.50 1.0
NALA 2.0 1.0
States Finding People Information Web & Web 2.0 Public Records Research - Ethics
CA mcle 1.0 1.25
NC cle .75 1.25
NALA cle 1.0 2.0
NFPA Approved Approved
NY cle Pending Pending
FL cle Pending Pending

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Click Here For Current Live Webinars

Webinars can be used as a tool for communication for many professions: training, sales, public relations, media relations, employee communications, investor relations, community relations, and other communication needs that target key organizational audiences.

SearchitRight has been a leader and early adopter in Webinar technology. Because of our experience, we have several options for those who want to use and learn this technology.

SearchitRight Webinar services include:

1. Developing and designing a Webinar presentation out of a client's content.
The client sends us the content and we package it in a Webinar friendly manner with 100% content rights preserved.

2. Hosting, moderating, and recording Webinars for our clients.
If you have no experience and do not want to learn Webinar technology, SearchitRight will use our Webinar technology so you won't have to encounter this learning curve. We'll set up the Webinar, host it, moderate it and even record it for your own use at a later date.

SearchitRight uses Webinars primarily as a training tool and for instructional purposes. The majority of SearchitRight Webinars and SearchitRight workshops have between 80 and 250 participants. All Webinars are pre-recorded and available to be accessed at a later time. FREE Webinars are given bi-monthly with the intent to inform, instruct, and educate on research, Internet, and business processes that effect every day life.

SearchitRight has done a variety of free Webinars and Workshops. The recorded programs are now available for purchase to be viewed online:

Finding People Information on the Web and Web 2.0 (also an approved CLE in many states and national programs).

Ins and Outs of Industry Research on the Web

Jump Start LinkedIn

Setting Up a Customized Information Monitoring System

Legal Research Google MCLE (also an approved CLE in many states and national programs).

Mastering Google for Hiring (this program only available via CD)

Social Media Best Practices for Business Growth Workshop

Business Social Networking: Maximize your Potential (only PDF available)


Curious how our training looks? Click on our demo for Part 1 of our Social Media for Business Workshop and view a portion of our training: Understanding Social Media for Business.