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...targeted strategies that inform, build confidence and teach skills for getting the most out of the web
Donna Fryer 
Managing Director                 


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If you were given the task to find the thought leaders in a certain community yet found only limited information from performing a search on the web, where would you go to find more results? The answer may surprise you, but forums and discussions groups often yield more nuggets of information than search engines.
One new powerful and useful web site,, will help you to "Search and Discover Communities." While twing offers a directory that you can search, we found that by entering keywords we uncovered a wide variety of communities where people were discussing the topics, people, products. companies, etc., that we were searching. Give it a try and let us know what you think of this tool.

Jump Start LinkedIn

Join us for a Free Webinar on September 16

It seems like everyone is using LinkedIn as a business networking tool.  What do they know that you don't?  This Webinar will help you understand the LinkedIn settings, contact degrees, and what you need to know to get started. You'll leave the presentation with more confidence and with a better understanding of what needs to be done to jump start your link to online business networking!
Jump Start LinkedIn
Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30PM EDT

Space is limited.
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golden web nuggets

We love it when our friends and colleagues find useful web sites --tools-- trinkets that help small businesses to increase productivity and market their services better. 
Search it Right is showcasing as Web Miner for this month:
Miner: Jonathan Hungate from Hutchinson Law Group PLLC

Gold: 20 Free eBooks about Social Media
This link provides a list of social media tools for viral marketing, adwords, podcasts and much more!

Original Post Author: Chris Brogan


Finding people information is crucial to many legal investigations as well as to businesses that need to perform due diligence or search for executives.  But being able to find this information quickly--or at all--is getting harder and harder because access to the web has created a disjointed information-overflow crisis. 
We've created a training package to cut through the clutter--which is CLE approved in many states and we are excited to announce that NALA and the NFPA have approved this class--so that our clients can gain confidence that they are on top of the latest search techniques and sources to find people information.  

With this training you will:

  • Learn types of information available for web research.
  • Discover the limitations of the search engines.
  • Understand the difference between searching the web and web 2.0.
  • Uncover the parameters of social network and web 2.0 searching.
  • Explore new areas of research using different web 2.0 gateway techniques.
  • Identify strategies to find more people information than what is available through public records.   

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continuing ed

Exciting news!  Some of our training classes earn continuing education credit including CLE and MCLE as well as other industries.  We have several offerings accredited in different states and organizations such as NALA & NFPA.  Please contact us or check out our offerings to see which ones apply! 
If you need on-site training or need more custom training, Search it Right specializes in training in a variety of ways: on-site, Webinar, over the phone, and in person.
If you would like to see what other training tools we have available, please view our training products:

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