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Information Professional Resources

Search it Right trains around the country on technology tools.  It is important to keep up to date on the Internet, e-mail, spam, viruses, industry related articles and more.  We provide articles we've written and tools we've gathered for the benefit of Information Professionals.

Information Overload:                                                                          

How to get the deepest, on-point information possible using the Internet?  We've developed an online training tool that can be taught right from your computer to help researchers accomplish the task of finding quick, relevant information called: Gathering Intelligence on the Web

With Gathering Intelligence on the Web, you will learn:

  • Robust search engines to use for research
  • Strategies on different search engines to find on-point information
  • What information is public or private and able to use
  • Where to find background information on individuals or companies
  • Best places to find news around the country
  • Business research for company, industry, and financial information
  • How to get company webcasts for financial information
  • Web 2.0 portals for information research on blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds
  • Information analysis tools once information is found
  • Explanation of the competitive intelligence process for those who are doing this type of research

We will convert your PowerPoint presentations to flash for the ability to load it on the Internet or CD form so you can download your presentation to a CD.

We provide other helpful tools for researchers.  See our articles and interviews below:

Technology article to show how to utilize tools available to simply tasks: WEB TOOLS THAT MAKE LIFE EASIER


Online Magazine: "The Renaissance of Yahoo! Search" Features the benefits of searching the revamped Yahoo for Information Professionals. September/October 2003 Issue.  

Online Magazine - Article on "Federated Search Engines" March/April 2004 Issue.  Comparison of Federated Search Engines.

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet"

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet" Part 2

Online Research Training - Instructional online training  to help individuals in businesses learn advanced searching and strategies to find hard to locate information.  These strategies can be implemented across many different industries such as Financial, Insurance, Competitive Intelligence/Business Intelligence, Law, Manufacturing, Government, etc.  Many information professionals buy these to get up-to-date information on Web research strategies and also use these CDs as training tools.

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Online Research Training


Information R/evolution from YouTube


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