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Check out our 1 hour interview of Mark Halligan, one of the World's leading Trade Secret Attorney and CI specialist

"Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Conducting Competitive Intelligence" 

Anyone conducting Competitive Intelligence must hear this to understand CI boundaries; ethical and legal.


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Competitive Intelligence

Search it Right specializes in secondary research and competitive intelligence/business intelligence and information research for corporations, law firms, small businesses, legal marketing and consultants. 

Search it Right helps our clients improve their decision making and problem solving by delivering niche, client-driven research. 

Search it Right has developed several training tools for other researchers to utilize to help the "Needle in the Haystack" kind of information. Our research training tools include:

Information Overload:                                                                          

How to get the deepest, on-point information possible using the Internet?  We've developed an online training tool that can be taught right from your computer to help researchers accomplish the task of finding quick, relevant information called: Gathering Intelligence on the Web

With Gathering Intelligence on the Web, you will learn:

  • Robust search engines to use for research
  • Strategies on different search engines to find on-point information
  • What information is public or private and able to use
  • Where to find background information on individuals or companies
  • Best places to find news around the country
  • Business research for company, industry, and financial information
  • How to get company webcasts for financial information
  • Web 2.0 portals for information research on blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds
  • Information analysis tools once information is found
  • Explanation of the competitive intelligence process for those who are doing this type of research


Search it Right has done secondary research projects relating to:  branding, public relations, food industry & products, consumer goods industry & products, legal industry, public records, environmental issues, advertising industry, marketing, telecommunications, banking, business opportunities, international trade, biomed and pharmaceutical industries and litigation support. 

Search it Right's competitive intelligence/business intelligence research project types:

Competitive Intelligence- Discreet research through telephone
interviews, database and Internet to keep you well-informed on the industry and competition around you.

Companies & Industries - Profiling of Public and Private companies to help you with forecasting, business strategies, and marketing programs.

International - International company profiling, product sourcing, new markets, industry trends, and import/export documentation.

Technological Advances - Learn how to use technology to monitor your competitors.  See a recent article written that can be applied to all industries:  RSS, Blogs, and Podcasts

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet"

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet" Part 2

Gathering Intelligence on the Web Online Training.  Teaches deep research strategies using the Internet.  Defines competitive intelligence and discusses resources to help individuals "work smarter not harder".   This program gives numerous examples and gives you confidence to tackle the Internet without being overwhelmed.  Everyone from the Novice searcher to the Advanced searcher learns exponentially from this program! $99

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SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This chart will help to evaluate your competition.  The SWOT Analysis is an Adobe® Acrobat® document.  Please click on the Adobe icon for the free download if you do not have Adobe installed on your PC.