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CLE Approved State Legal Research Google CLE Ethics CI CLE Audio
CA mcle 1.50 1.25
FL cle 2.0 1.5
NC cle 1.50 1.0
NALA 2.0 1.0
States Finding People Information Web & Web 2.0 Public Records Research - Ethics
CA mcle 1.0 1.25
NC cle .75 1.25
NALA cle 1.0 2.0
NFPA Approved Approved
NY cle Pending Pending
FL cle Pending Pending

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CLE Podcast

Attorneys, Paralegal's and Legal Assistants now have another way to get Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit by using podcasts!

In the legal market, it is often called plawdcasts.  For paralegals, these programs are now NALA & NFPA approved!

Listen to SearchitRight's CLE podcasts at your convenience by downloading MP3 files to your computer and listening or transferring the audio to your portable MP3 player including iPods.

CLE credit can be earned for the following programs:

Legal Research Google - Learn the power of Google to do quick, efficient and powerful legal research.  Take this class as a CLE and get credit while you learn! Great reviews on this class!  Many learn new ways to do legal research from the novice user to the advanced searcher. CLE Approved Online Training: CA, FL, NC, NALA, NFPA and possible self study in other states.   Pending approval: NY

Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Conducting Competitive Intelligence - Ethics CLE podcast- one hour podcast (plawdcast)/audio training with competitive intelligence research specialist Donna Fryer interviewing Mark Halligan, World's Leading Trade Secret Attorney, @ Lovell's concerning the ethical and legal issues surrounding competitive intelligence in the legal practice.  This class is a great primer to understanding competitive intelligence and the grey areas involved. It can also be applied to other industries besides the legal industry.

The Competitive Intelligence class will identify and examine certain principles to help attorneys understand competitive intelligence limits and adhere to high standards of professional conduct.  This is a must for any law firm considering using competitive intelligence practices for themselves or for their clients.   This podcast would benefit anyone trying to understand competitive intelligence including what is legal and ethical.  CLE Approved Podcast (Plawdcast) Training: CA, FL, NC, NALA, NFPA and possibly other states under the self study category.   Pending approval: NY

Public Records Research for Offline and Online Research- The world of Public Records research can often be confusing especially if you are solely relying on the online databases. This cle accredited podcast covers the information available online and offline, when you might need to dig further and discusses the ethics of conducting public records search. This is a dynamic audio program that can be used to understand public records research for other industries besides the legal industry. CLE Approved Podcast (Plawdcast) Training: CA, NC, NALA, NFPA and possibly other states under the self study category.   Pending approval: FL and NY

Other CLE Podcasts (plawdcast) COMING SOON!

  • Financial Fraud Series

Online Training Classes Also Available:

  • Legal Research Google CLE & Online Training.  Learn how to fully, deeply research the world's largest search engine.  Even advanced searchers learn tricks and techniques they never knew before.  Training consists of strategies and topics to conduct legal research using the power of Google.  This can be taken as a CLE in approved states or to improve research abilities on the Web.  $85

  • Gathering Intelligence on the Web Online Training.  Teaches deep research strategies using the Internet.  Defines competitive intelligence and discusses resources to help individuals "work smarter not harder".   This program gives numerous examples and gives you confidence to tackle the Internet without being overwhelmed.  Everyone from the Novice searcher to the Advanced searcher learns exponentially from this program! $99

Articles and Interviews


Read "Be a Technical Miracle Worker" as recently featured in 2005 Winter Issue of the NCPA Forum.  The article reviews technological advances that will help you be more efficient at work such as Google Desktop, RSS, blogs, and podcasts.

See law firm salaries and benefits.  Where do you compare?  National and State Salary Information

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet"

Internet Talk Radio Interviews Donna Fryer "Information Research via the Internet" Part 2