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CLE Approved State Legal Research Google CLE Ethics CI CLE Audio
CA mcle
FL cle
NC cle
NALA cle
NFPA cle
States Finding People Information Web & Web 2.0 Public Records Research - Ethics
CA mcle 1.0 1.25
NC cle 1.0 1.25
NALA cle 1.0 2.0
NFPA Approved Approved
NY cle Pending Pending
FL cle Pending Pending






Attorney CLE's
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Instant - Dowloadable - Approved CLEs (MCLEs)

We have several Mandatory CLE (MCLE) offerings. Click on a Program below and when you purchase the course, you'll receive a digital download. All of this can be done online!

Send us your Bar information at the address given to you on your purchase confirmation order and you'll receive a completed course certificate along with an attendance form.

Benefits of taking SearchitRight attorney CLE's:

  • Saves time for you and your clients because of efficient search
  • Saves money for your clients
  • Approved CLE's in several states including: CA, FL, and NC. Contact us for a complete list.

We have several CLE offerings:

  • Legal Research Google -Recorded downloadable CLE - Dynamic 5 star rated - easy to use class that shows attorneys how to use the power of Google to conduct efficient legal research. This training is emailed right to your desktop and is approved for 1.5- 2 hours in most states.

    Customer Comments:

"Most engaging, informative class I've taken in a long time."
"This class will save my clients money since now I know how to search more effectively."
"Accelerated Internet research is a must for every law practice. Thank you for such a great instructional tool."
"High quality CLE Courses."

The Competitive Intelligence class will identify and examine certain principles to help attorneys understand competitive intelligence limits and adhere to high standards of professional conduct.  This is a must for any law firm considering using competitive intelligence practices for themselves or for their clients.   This podcast would benefit anyone trying to understand competitive intelligence including what is legal and ethical.  CLE Approved Podcast (Plawdcast) Training: CA, FL, NC, NALA  Pending approval: NY

  • Public Records Research for Offline and Online Research
    Recorded Online Ethics CLE

    The world of Public Records research can often be confusing especially if you are solely relying on the online databases. This cle accredited podcast covers the information available online and offline, when you might need to dig further and discusses the ethics of conducting public records search. This is a dynamic audio program that can be used to understand public records research for the legal industry as well as other industries with similar research needs. MCLE/CLE Approved Podcast (Plawdcast) Training: CA, NC, NALA, NFPA and possibly other states under the self study category.   Pending approval: FL and NY

  • Filling in the Gap Between Public Records and Fee Based Services:  Finding People Information on the Web and Web 2.0
    Recorded downloadable CLE
    Finding people information is a crucial part to many legal investigations and has gotten more confusing as the Web has crowded into the information overflow crisis.  Explored and uncovered is how to find pertinent information about individuals on the Web and open a whole new area of research on Web 2.0  This class opens up a whole new world of legal research possibilities. MCLE/CLE Approved Podcast (Plawdcast) Training: CA, NC, NALA, NFPA and possibly other states under the self study category.   Pending approval: FL and NY

With this training you will learn how to:

  • Understand what is available to research on the Web and the Web’s limitations.
  • Understand the difference between searching the Web and Web 2.0
  • Realize the information that can be sought and the parameters surrounding that information.
  • Explore a whole new area of research possibilities through searching different techniques on Web 2.0 gateways.
  • Discover strategies to find more information than was ever available before regarding people information that cannot be found through public records.


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