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Donna Fryer has written many articles and has been quoted in numerous articles regarding online research, market research, competitive intelligence, legal research, legal marketing, FOIA requests, Yahoo, podcasts, finding people information, federated search engines, attorney focused articles, paralegal focused articles, Google search, and many others.

Listed here are excerpts or abstracts of these articles with the ability to view the full version. Included are guest authors' articles. Most articles are for free but some may have a nominal fee attached.

  • Legal Research:  Turning it into Competitive Advantage
    Written for FUMSI
    April 10th, 2008
    " Let’s explore the types of research law firm’s need, where to get the information, and step outside searching legal related documents and find out what other types of information law firms need to stay competitive. 

    First let’s start with the many research needs firms face.  Many times firms need to find current cases and monitor those cases as they go forward.  This may need to be on a federal, state, or local level.  As the firms monitor these cases, they may need to see the court calendar.  There may be pleadings or filings that need to be retrieved that may not be available electronically so a document retrieval specialist may need to be located and hired to retrieve these filings.  These specialists are often times called “runners”.  Thankfully, many documents needed can be found electronically through systems like PACER, or Attorney General web sites for hot cases, press releases, subscription databases, or even software used to monitor sites that may be discussing certain dockets like “WatchThatPage”.  Even more harrowing may be tracking pending state or federal legislation, researching legislative history, or looking at the Congressional Record.  The more complex tasks in this type of research might be best left to the fee based services or dedicated legislative tracking services. 

    Experts are another hot area for legal researchers... More..   "
  • Competitive Intelligence Article excerpt:
    Will More Firms Begin To Offer This Service To Clients?
    By  Donna Fryer and Steven A. Meyerowitz
    New York Law Journal
    Aug 20, 2002, Volume 228

    " Law firms typically offer clients many of the same services. Litigation. Tax. Estate planning. Corporate. Bankruptcy. On the horizon is something that at first blush seems quite different, yet it relies on some of the same analytical skills attorneys have developed over the years: competitive intelligence. With law firms competing for business, offering competitive intelligence services to clients will open another revenue stream for attorneys.

    According to the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, competitive intelligence, or CI, is a "systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing, and managing external information" that can affect a company's plans, decisions, and operations. After gathering and analyzing this research, one should be able to understand a competitor and its environment, strategies, capabilities and operations, and long-term goals."


  • Yahoo! Search excerpt:
    The Renessaince of Yahoo! Search
    September/October 2003 Online Magazine
    By Donna Fryer

    " When it arrived on the scene a few years ago, I quickly switched my homepage to Google. With my dialup connection, this was the fastest loading page I could find. Since then a slew of other search engines have also tromped down the simpler path: WiseNut, Teoma, and alltheweb come to mind. Now Yahoo! has revamped its search interface to a dedicated, simple search interface with new search options and leveraged content [ or use the search box on the home page]. Speculation has it that the company wants to win back the market share it lost to Google only a few years ago. I probably wasn't the only person who abandoned Yahoo! for Google.


    Yahoo!'s new interface is ad free and uncluttered. Yahoo! has spent a lot of time and money on market research to find out just what searchers want when they enter terms in the search box. The Yahoo! search results are a blend of Google algorithmic search results from the Google database and results from Yahoo! directory and news content. ...More...

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